Directly connected to Namba station, our Japanese style rooms and
traditional Japanese restaurant give you the ideal stay in the heart of the Osaka.

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70 years
of history

With our efforts to preserve the essence of the past architecture and Japanese-style cuisine,
Ichiei continues to uphold the style and traditions of age-old Japan.
Experience the same charm of a traditional Japanese inn while remaining in the center of Osaka.
Relax and take in the atmosphere of the past and the beautiful culture of Japan.
Our meals have been designed with a focus on tradition and technique,
lavishly prepared using only the best ingredients from the season. Here at Ichiei,
you can enjoy these wonderful meals even from the comfort of your room.

About Hotel Ichiei
Japanese-style Rooms

Our Rooms

Hotel Ichiei offers an extraordinary experience through our Japanese style rooms, Stone Garden room to the classical Japanese atmosphere, you will be able to feel the heritage at every turn. We welcome all families and groups that would like to enjoy our popular Japanese rooms, on either tatami or a bed, and ensure a pleasant stay at our Modern Japanese-style rooms or Western-style rooms. We are able to cater to the room requests of our customers to ensure a perfect stay.


Our Meals

The richness of the season in every meal.
Using only the highest ingredients in our Seasonal Banquet Dishes, you will be left feeling fully immersed in the season, be it during the bloom of the Sakura, or the changing leaves of the vibrant Momiji.

Osaka Tourism

Osaka Tourism

Hotel Ichiei, located Namba station direct.
A perfect location from Osaka's main tourist spots.
Have an incredible time exploring the city.